Black & White Film Festival – Tuesday Feb. 22nd  (Watch for FREE on the WILDsound Streaming Service)

Go to to watch the festival. Starting at midnight EST on February 22nd.

NOTE: You can download for FREE for 7 days, cancel anytime, and then it’s only $3.99 per month. You’ll also be able to watch a daily festival for the next 2 weeks (and beyond) featuring some top indy short films from around the world. There are also award winning short films to watch anytime.

A showcase of the best new films from around the world today. Make sure you watch the festival as this is a selection of the best of the best in the world. Must watch!

See the Full Lineup of Films:

I LIVE FOR YOU, 7min., Italy, Drama

Directed by Gaetano Ippolito

“I live for you” breaks into Marco and Giulia’s daily life. Giulia is an attractive, cheerful woman; Marco, an authoritative man who arouses fascination and fear. Their relationship, between ups and downs, seems to be like many others; yet, in her memories, thoughts and silences, emerges the loneliness of a woman torn between the need for love and affective sharing and the impoverishment of body and mind, induced by his narcissistic and manipulative rigidity.

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THE PATH OF LIGHT, 6min., Brazil, Documentary

Directed by Marcus Veras de Faria

The choices of an amateur photographer facing the challenges imposed by Coronavirus and a cruel government in Brazil.

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THE SILENT WILLOW, 15min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Taylor-Alexis Gillard

Uterine fibroids affect Black women three times more than any other race. After being diagnosed, the filmmaker sets out to explore health inequities and find out why some Black women are as silent as the growth.

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LONESOME, 60min., USA, Romance

Directed by Tony K. Hall

Lonely city dweller Guy, is struggling to find his ideal partner. In a trip to the beach suggested by his roommate, he may have found his ideal match with the free spirited Roxie. ‘Lonesome’ is an ode to classic cinema, New Wave cinema, and an ode to silent film.

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