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LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!, 13min., Mexico, Drama

Directed by Nicolás Torres Payán

A child and his magical donkey help to restore the broken order in a village.

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THE SKY PULLED OVER OUR EYES, 16min., Russia, Music

Directed by Alexey Sizov

Anton’s Right Here is the name of a charity supporting people with autism, founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2013. Improbable as it may sound, it has an eponymous orchestra comprised of people with autism spectrum disorders. They play music at the intersection of jazz, rock, and electronics – often called spiritual free jazz. The orchestra’s performances fall onto the audience like a wave. It rings, rattles, makes noise, fills everything around with energy. Our film is an attempt to put music on pause and look at how it is born. To observe the musicians themselves – aflutter with excitement, beautiful. To see what friendship, emotions, and silence sound like. Music is present everywhere. First filling the hall and then breaking out into the street, into the city, towards people …

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I AM NOT AN ANGEL, 11min., Canada, Animation

Directed by Joe Chang

I am not an Angel is a 11-minute animated short film with no dialogue, and is about a very ordinary female nurse named Amy, who does everything in her power to help save a patient from succumbing to Covid-19. It is a testament to the health care workers who are the heroes in this fight against an unseen enemy infecting people all over the world and killing them at an alarming rate.

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TANIEL, 20min,. Armenia, Drama

Directed by Garo Berberian

One of the greatest innovative poets of the 20th century, a respected teacher, exciting public speaker, loving father and husband, Taniel Varoujan at 31 foresaw the looming darkness that was approaching and the destruction of the Armenian nation in what became known as the Armenian Genocide.

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