Short Film: THESEUS: BLACK SAIL, WHITE SAIL, 5min., Greece, Dance

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The poetry of the short dance film “Theseus: Black Sail, White Sail” is based on the end part of the “Theseus and the Minotaur” story from Greek Mythology at the point where Theseus sails from Crete back home to mainland Greece, after killing the Minotaur to free his lover Ariadne.

Sailing in distress, Theseus forgets to hoist a white sail to signal to his Father, Aegeus (who is watching for Theseus’ ship from a cliff) that he is alive.
Instead, a black sail is flown by mistake and tragedy ensues.

Original Music by Tibetan- Singing- Bowl Master, Emile de Leon.
Filmed in in two locations in Greece: the Parthenon in Athens and at the sea almost directly underneath the Temple of Poseidon in Sunion, where according to the myth, is exactly the place where Theseus’ ship arrived.

Director Biography – Taso Papadakis

Taso Papadakis, Director / Cinematographer:

Taso Papadakis is a commercial art photographer and filmmaker.
He currently makes images for LA Opera, UCLA Opera, and AMDA. His photo work is often published in the LA Times.
Taso’s motion film work is in the collection of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.
His fine art photography has been featured as decor on TV sets, including the sets of the show “Sons of Anarchy”.
He has also worked on photo documentaries including assignments in El Salvador, in order to directly benefit the remote communities there.
Among the highlights in his documentary work , was an opportunity to be close to and photograph the Dalai Lama.
He has a degree in Religious Studies from the University of Southern California and is a large-scale painter for the sake of movement and celebration.

Robyn Nisbet, Starring / Choreographer:

Robyn Nisbet is a dance and visual artist based in Los Angeles. She has a lifelong relationship with a yoga based breath-centered philosophy. Robyn is also a practitioner of Ifa, a West African spiritual tradition. Introduced to this through practice Afro-Brazilian dance, which has its roots in West African Orisá (deity) devotion, Robyn continues to investigate what it means to be in synergy with energies driven by rhythm, spirit, and community.
Robyn’s performance work has been deeply influenced by personal studies with post Butoh based artists, Dana and Shinichi Iova-Koga. The work emphasizes complete presence of the body in relationship to time, space, and the environment. Robyn continues to travel to Senegal where she shares these ideas with fellow dancers and musicians, experimenting within the tradition of the dance and drum circle. For Robyn, the circle teaches the importance of being seen as an individual as well as witnessing the individual from the collective perspective. She also draws inspiration from the martial art of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance.
Robyn currently works in Los Angeles in development of creative approaches and material with a core group of performance artists and musicians. She regularly performs with Ijo Emi, Rachel Hernandez’s Afro-Brazilian dance company, and also plays the Surdo drum for the Samba band, Baté Batuque.

Director Statement

This film is simply composed and performed with complete focus and commitment by Robyn Nisbet. I hope you enjoy the movement, pictures and freedom-style poetry of this short dance film.

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