Director BIO: Martin Beek, Karel Hamm (HEINZ 1945)

Director Martin Beek (IMDb: has been credited for award-winning camerawork e.g. as documentary filmmaker for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah, research photographer for Schindler’s List, and effects-camera technician on Gorilla’s in the Mist, Superman IV, High Spirits, Empire of the Sun (Spielberg) and Willow (Ron Howard).

During the 90’s Martin directed many music videos for MTV, Superchannel and TMF.

His firs short movie “Free fall” on the subject of aids and HIV has been awarded with the 2010 audience award for best feature at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

Littekens (English: “scars”) was his award winning director’s debut in 2014 (IMDB:

Director Statement

I made this movie with my co-writer, co-director, and life-long pal Karel Hamm. We started in 2020 with the motivation “let’s do it one more time” 😀 and filmed this story that was on our minds for many years already.

Karel and I are from different worlds. Karel lost family members who fought in the German army, while my father fought for his life in a concentration camp and lost family members in the Holocaust.

35 years ago, we became life-long friends despite our differences.

We both live and work in the Netherlands (south). I’m currently 58 years of age, and Karel is 69.

We are fully independent, micro-budget filmmakers and don’t consider ourselves to be part of the Dutch “film scene” – which centers in and around Amsterdam. We are the filmmaking hillbillies of the lowlands… 😉

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